Frequently Asked Questions by New Patients ... Answered!

1.  What can I expect at my first visit in the office?

You can always expect a warm greeting and to be treated like family, at every visit to Whole Health Chiropractic Center. 

We will need to get some background information from you.  Often, when you call to make your appointment, we will offer to have you fill this paperwork out online through a link sent to your email.  Or, you can download it off this website, print and fill it out and bring it with you to your first appointment. 

If you will be coming in for a Chiropractic visit, please know Dr. Brook typically does an exam at this first visit.  This is so that he can get to know you, what is going on and let you know his recommendations for how to resolve it. 

2.  Do we bill insurance directly and will I owe at my first visit?

All payments, whether copays, deductibles or fees, are always due at time of service.  We do bill claims to insurance companies that we are in network and participate with.

3. Can you bill insurance for services such as Massage Therapy, Personal Training or Health Coaching?

Unfortunately, most insurance companies do not cover these services. In response to the lack of coverage and the large need for these services we have developed affordable cash rates so you won’t miss out on the care and services you need.

4. I’m nervous to get adjusted and have never seen a Chiropractor before. What is that cracking noise?

The noise you hear or have heard about is not the bones actually rubbing each other but the gases being released between the joints. This is similar to "cracking" your knuckles, except Chiropractors do not "crack" your back.  Each Chiropractic adjustment is a manual manipulation safely performed on an individual basis with years of skill and knowledge behind it.

5.  Do I have to get “cracked”? 

The official term for getting “cracked” is “Adjusted” and the answer is no.  There are many ways Dr. Brook can adjust your spine.  A manual adjustment is most associated with the term “cracked” because it facilitates the release of gas from the joint capsule.  Dr. Brook has several low force adjusting instruments and techniques using his hands that are just as effective. Those techniques he regularly uses on infants, children, elderly and those who prefer a more gentle adjustment of the spine.

5. How long should I expect to be here?

The first office visit and treatment is usually 45-60 minutes. Treatment thereafter is usually between 15 and 30 minutes.

6. Can children be seen by a chiropractor?

Absolutely, and in our office it is encouraged. Adjustments can help children and infants overcome certain health challenges like ear infections, infantile colic, ear infections, chronic colds, bed wetting, constipation, headaches and back pain.

7.  How many treatments will it take to fix me?

This varies from patient to patient. The response time for children and infants who don’t have the same physical and emotional stress that most adults have is much quicker.  Adult treatment time always varies based on the severity of the problem, and the overall health and fitness level of each person.  

8.  Once I am feeling better should I cancel my appointments and call you once I feel pain again?

We believe in continuing a maintenance treatment plan once you are feeling better from your initial reason for coming. To continue coming in means ensuring your body is working properly and that you have minimal nerve blockages to prevent further problems. We understand that life is busy and we are accustomed to putting other first.  Since pain is a poor indication of health and function we always encourage life time care for you and your family. Successful Chiropractic patients accept responsibility.