All of your personal training sessions will be scheduled in advanced, are by appointment only and include early morning, afternoon and evening hours Mon. – Thurs.

  We understand many of you are juggling work, family and personal commitments.  We work with you to make your health and personal fitness a priority by scheduling your personal training sessions that will accommodate your busy schedule. 


  • Functional Movement Assessments: $65-115.00

  • 60 minute Personal Training session: $35.00

  • 30 minute Personal Training session: $17.50

  • Bulk session of 12 hours of personal training: $360

    • ($30 per hour/$15 per half hour)

  • Personal Training Membership 90 minutes/week: $150/month

    • This plan allows you to train 90 minutes a week AND full access to all cardio equipment during normal business hours. Clients must sign-up for auto debit via credit card or prepay by the 5th of every month by check. This is a non-refundable monthly program.