Health Coaching Victories

Since I started working with Megan, there have been many changes in my life. I am able to be more consistent with cooking healthy meals at home and also taking advantage of any exercise I find. I am more focused on making healthy choices not only in my food and exercises, but also in challenging myself at work and in creating an environment and lifestyle that I will be happy with for years to come.

Megan tailored her coaching to my life and my goals. She taught me many skills so that I can guide
myself in my journey to being fit, happy, and healthy!
— T.M., 2013
Things do not change overnight, and change has to keep happening in order to prevent stagnancy.
Throughout my 6 months working with Megan, she kept encouraging me to try new things, dare to
explore different activities and opened my eyes to the things in life that I have been missing. Whether it
was to prepare a new food, try a new activity or take a deep, insightful look into my life, Megan was
always there pushing me outside my comfort zone in a way that was fun!

So what changes do I see in myself after my 6 months with Megan? I see a stronger, happier and
more peaceful me. I see a woman who is not scared to branch out and try a new food (I now love green
smoothies. It is not just changes I see in myself that I am so grateful for, but changes in my entire
family! My children are excited to explore new foods with me, every week they are excited to eat the sprouts growing on the counter!

Thank you Megan, for giving me my life back and most important a healthy family!
— L.P., 2014